Coffer/Top Open

Box for shrimp and seafood also well-known Cofre type or as “Top Open” elaborated with raw material of forward edge, realised with high tech guaranteeing the more therefore a product of great quality.

The material with which we made our packings this approved by FDA

®as well as guaranteed by certification ISO 9001:2000


4.0, 4,4 and 5,0 Pounds. /1,81, 2,0 and 2,27 kg.
Measures: (*)

Length: 29.0/Wide: 15.5/High 7,0 cm.

Length: 11 27/64” · Width: 6 7/64” · Stop 2 3/64”

Inks of Impression: (**)

From 1 to 6 Colors

Type of Impression:

Offset de Alta Resolution

Type of Material: (***)

Permanorge fine cardboard calibrates 16 @ 295 gr.

Certifications of the Material:

ISO 9001:2000

®, NAFTA ®and FDA


Added values:


Customized Digital Graphical design, its changes and corrections to the sketch *

Certificate of RecyclingCertificate FSCCertificate PEFCCertificate ISO 9001:2000Certificate SFI
Box for shrimp and seafood Coffer/Top Open
Measures expressed for the outside of the box.

The tones in the boxes finished already printed can vary with respect to the tones presented in the monitor and/or any other means printed for the sampling, that depend on the impression system offset that it has been used. The colors with which we made our designs are in way of CMYK and/or direct inks. Guide and trowels of color PANTONE