Coffer/Top Open Jumbo Kraft

Box for shrimp and seafood type Cofre also well-known Kraft Jumbo or as “Top Open Jumbos Kraft” made with raw material of forward edge, realised with fine cardboard Kraft type of high tech guaranteeing the more therefore a product of great quality.

This product is special to pack shrimp or seafood in bulk.

The material with which we made our packings this approved by FDA

®as well as guaranteed by certification ISO 9001:2000

Capacities: (****)

Maximum up to 4,4 Pounds. /2,00 kg frisado Shrimp

Measures: (*)

Length: 29.0/Wide: 17.0/High 8,0 cm.

Inks of Impression: (**)

From 1 to 6 Colors

Type of Impression:

Offset de Alta Resolution

Type of Material: (***)

Fine cardboard Kraf Pak of 16 points “High Caliber”

Certifications of the Material:

ISO 9001:2000






Certificate of RecyclingCertificate FSCCertificate PEFCCertificate ISO 9001:2000Certificate SFI
Box for shrimp and seafood Coffer Kraft Jumbo/Top Open Kraft Jumbo
®and PEFC
Added values: